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All about me

I’m Sophia Howe, 29 years old and originally from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. I have travelled to 50 countries and I am now in search for the perfect place to call home…while also trying to get to 60 countries before I’m 30.

How it all begun

My love for travel has got to originate from many adventurous family holidays to Africa. I was 11 years old the first time we went to South Africa. We would love to roam around Kruger National Park in our own 4×4 in search for the Big Five.

5 years later, I faced Africa alone,  joining a charity expedition to Tanzania. We worked with a school and also climbed to the roof of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

While still at school, I found any excuse to go on as many organised trips as possible. A Business trip to Barcelona, a Geography trip to Iceland and an expedition to Argentina. I didn’t even study Business or Geography!

My studies were definitely a huge influence on my travels, especially when I had the opportunity to learn Spanish. This beautiful language is what has made me who I am today. Because of my flare for Spanish, I can travel to my favourite place in the world, Latin America.

Train Cemetery, Uyuni, Bolivia
Train Cemetery, Uyuni, Bolivia

University and travels

At 19 years old I first travelled to South America with G Adventures for 3 months. It was probably the best thing I could have done before going to University that next year. It kick-started my interest in Incan history and architecture, which I continued to explore in my degree.

In 2010 I studied Hispanic Studies and Journalism at the University of Sheffield. In my third year, I was able to study at the Universitat de Valéncia for a semester.

I then made the big decision to move to La Paz, Bolivia to work for Bolivian Express publication. My experience with BX is one I will never forget. It gave me the chance to fully immerse myself in Bolivian culture. From meeting local fisherman on the shores of Lake Titcaca to Kallawayas (witch doctors) who read coca leaves to determine how an operation will go. And local entrepreneurs trying to stand out in Bolivia’s fashion and streets. It was an important part of my life as it steered me in a potential career path I’d one day like to explore again.

After University

Straight after graduating from University in 2014, I went to South East Asia for a few months. I then lived and worked in Australia for a year. A highlight of my trip there has got to be a month long camper van road trip down the West Coast, seeing the lesser-known side of Australia. My final few months in Melbourne were fantastic. It finally made me realise living in a metropolis isn’t as scary as I’d always thought and I can’t wait to go back in the next few years.

As everyone may do on their travels, I ran out of money just in time for Christmas and moved back home in December 2015.

Angel of the North in Newcastle
Newcastle will always be home

I then worked with Kuoni Travel for a year. They were a fantastic company to work for as I was able to use my passion for travel to create beautifully tailor-made itineraries. However, when working in travel, my mind wandered and it therefore took me back to Latin America, just in time for Rio Carnival in 2017.

What’s next for me

In 2017-18 I slowly made my way through Brazil, Colombia and across Central America, ending my trip in Mexico. It proved to be one of my favourite countries; with its’ variety of incredible food, stunning scenery, beautiful people and wild beaches. There have been some ups and downs, as there always is with travelling, and I have met some wonderful people to share these experiences with.

In May 2018 I moved to London to start my career in Digital Marketing and Social Media. It was a fantastic way to reconnect with my old and new friends and get a taste of city life. After a year and a half in London, I craved tacos, sun, micheladas far too much and so I started my 2020 back in Mexico! What’s more exciting is that my boyfriend and I have bought a 1975 VW Combi to start our new life together in Mexico!

Follow me on my past journeys to find out about all of my amazing adventures and I invite you to join me on what is next to come and Howe to roam the world.

Paradise sign on Otres beach, Cambodia
Which way to paradise?

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