Howe to: Brunch down under

Howe to: Brunch down under

Where are the best places for breakfast in Australia?

This has been updated June 2019. Unfortunately a couple of my original choices have now permanently closed.

If you love brunch, then this post may make you extremely hungry and/or hopefully point you in the right direction if you’re an egg lover like myself and in Australia…

Here are my 10 top cafes I willingly tested out down under for the best brunch:

1. Three W’s in Redfern, Sydney

The fact that these guys have a separate section on their menu for truffle is a reason in itself to make the journey to this leafy district of Sydney. Another reason is for their shakes. When I visited here, their mars bar shake was something that has stayed in my mind over the years. Unfortunately it seems they have removed it from their menu, however I would recommend the cookies and cream shake they seem to have replaced it with.

Sydney’s other top brunch spots:

  • Pancake on the Rocks for its amazing fluffiness and fantastic harbour views.
  • Harry’s Bondi for its proximity to the iconic Bondi Beach.
  • Little Lord Cafe for its vegetarian menu and charming interior.

2. Twisted Sista Cafe, Byron Bay

After a very humorous evening in Byron Bay, including a discography of John Mayer, a stripped onesie and a full moon, me and my friend Steph desperately needed to get out of the Arts Factory. People insisted on playing the drums completely out of rhythm there and so we went in search for our breakfast fix. Instead of eggs, this time we discovered the banoffee pie at Twisted Sista Cafe and went back for more each day.

Banoffee Pie in Byron Bay
Banoffee Pie at Twisted Sista Cafe, Byron Bay
Life is too short, Twisted Sista Cafe, Byron Bay
  • Folk Byron Bay is perfect for those who love organically sourced food and to enjoy it in a natural light filled bungalow festooned with house plants. It is quintessentially Bryon and worth the wait at weekends as visitors flock here for their famous nourish bowls.

3. Double Shot New Farm in New Farm, Brisbane

Holy hell!! This was the mother of all deconstructed brunches!!! The best thing about being single on Valentine’s Day is you don’t have to share! This is what we did this wonderful V Day of 2015.

Our friend took us to this lovely hidden spot in New Farm. There was a glorious selection of: avo, poached eggs, salmon, haloumi, mushrooms, pesto oil, cherry tomatoes and sourdough.

Definitely worth finding if you’re in Brisbane, it’s worth the trek.

Deconstructed brunch
Deconstructed brunch at New Farm in Brisbane

4. Caffiend, Cairns 

For anyone who stays in Cairns for a long period of time, you’ll need to head to Caffiend for some insane juices to cure a brutal Gilligan hangover.

It’s a little taste of Melbourne in this crowded cafe, which spills outside into a graffitied side alley, where you can enjoy your morning hangover flat white and cigarette. A little expensive, especially if you are on your last $10 while desperately searching for farm work, but it’s worth skipping a night in The Woolshed for!

While in Cairns go and find…

  • Tinies (to the left of Giligans) for their juices, definitely worth splashing out for!
  • Award winning pie alert!! For only $8, pick up an amazing selection of apparent prize winnings pies at Meldrums.

You must find these places when you visit Northern Territory and West Coast:

  • Coffee Clubs are found all around Australia, but the butterscotch and caramel cheesecake is truly delightful.
  • Three-way Roadhouse on the way down to Alice Springs. They offer the best steak and ale pie in NT for only $5. We made sure we stopped here on the way back up from Alice Springs, but alas we were too late and all the pies had gone.
  • Zanders at Cable Beach in Broome boats some of the best sea views on the west coast, I was enjoying my $20 Eggs Benedict while watching humpback whales breaching in the distance.
  • Before heading to Monkey Mia early in the morning, if you stay the night before in Denham, The Old Pub on the high street makes you feel like you’re back in a good old English pub on a winters day. The sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce was to die for. A lady next to us asked if we’d be walking home after seeing the amount of food 3 girls put away.
  • Yanchep National Park, north of Perth is a lovely stop to spot local wildlife like the Kookaburra or if you’re hungry, visit the Chocolate Drop Cafe inside the park and try their amazing coconut and maple syrup caramel slice.
Tea rooms at Chocolate Drop Cafe, Yanchep National Park
Step back in time at Chocolate Drop Cafe

5. The Bakery, Margaret River

Devonshire scones $7.50 & Banana and Honeycomb pancakes $16

The winner of all bakeries! We came here two times in the 2 days we stayed at Margaret River. And both those times I went for the banana and honeycomb pancakes. They are stacked up high and drizzled in maple syrup with a dollop of whipped cream and a bowl of banana slices on top!

The bakery had an amazing menu and selection of cakes. It was beautifully decorated with antic treasures and comfy sofas.

Montage of breakfasts at The Bakery in Margaret River
The Bakery was so good it deserved a montage

6. Tall Timber in Prahran, Melbourne. 

Sourdough toast, Poached Eggs, Salmon and Avo $16

Having just moved to Melbourne, we were overwhelmed with brunch spots and didn’t know where to start. Scrolling through Broadsheet Melbourne, I had compiled a list of cafes I had to visit before leaving and this one was at the top.

It took a while for us to navigate the trams, having come from Richmond to Prahran but we finally found this white walled cafe teaming with Melbournites.

We asked what was highly recommended, and I’m guessing from reading so far, you’ll already know what I went for….eggs. But I did try some of the pumpkin toast and pumpkin spread and it was so flavoursome. 10/10 for presentation with everything.

Smashed avo and poached eggs at Tall Timber
Smashed avo at Tall Timber, Melbourne

7. Issus Cafe in Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Issus Eggs $18

As many of you may know, it rains a lot in Melbourne. So when it does and you get caught in it while shopping, what do you do? You run into the nearest cafe! What a find this was!

The first time we got rained on and ran into this tiny eatery, I went for a duck pasta from the specials as it was a little late for brunch and nearing dinner time. I did check out the menu for the next time and the Issus eggs were well worth returning back for.

Duck pasta at Issus Cafe
Duck pasta at Issus Cafe, Melbourne

8. Fifty Acres in Richmond, Melbourne

Chorizo Scotch Eggs and Avo $18

What a revelation! Scotch eggs for breakfast! And lined with spicy chorizo with a runny yolk in the middle. Absolute perfection and just around the corner from my first flat.

9. Two Birds and One Stone in South Yarra, Melbourne

Two Birds breakfast $19

I’m not one for going to the same place twice, but I do make some exceptions and this was one of them. I even had the same breakfast both times, because who wouldn’t want mushrooms, haloumi, avo and poached eggs over and over again.

What else can you find in South Yarra…

  • Best hot chocolate found just around the corner – A La Folie Patisserie was perfect for a Melbourne winters day.
  • Best selection of muffins found at Tom, Dick and Harry Cafe – the crunchie muffins were out of this world.

10. Top Paddock in Richmond, Melbourne

Eggs Benedict with ham hock $19

You need to get here super early to avoid waiting for over an hour outside. And if you don’t make it early, make sure it’s a nice day, you’re with a good crowd and find a good patch on the opposite lawn. Maybe even sit near a group with a dog to make the wait more fun.

This place is epic and definitely worth the wait. The coffee here is so fresh and the choice is overwhelming. Do you go for the hot cakes, or the eggs benny or go all out and have the steak sarnie?!

Keeping to my brunch theme, I had to try the eggs benedict but did get a side of blueberry hot cakes to share. If you’re not too hungover or maybe you are, go for the Aperol Spritz to start the day as you mean to go on.

Beautifully decorated hot cakes at Top Paddock
Hot cakes at Top Paddock, Melbourne
Bar top at Top Paddock
Serving up some amazing coffee, Melbourne style
Ham hock and mushrooms at Top Paddock
Ham hock on a Sunday, Top Paddock in Melbourne

It’s safe to say they don’t do brunch better anywhere else but down under!

If you’re looking to explore the West Coast of Australia, read my post on our hilarious camper van road trip!

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